Friday, 16 December 2011

So far, my courting with the boy has been somewhat of a comedy of errors. Last night, I skyped with a friend, discussed date tactics, and showed him the five outfits I was considering wearing. He asked me if I just had any "nice, normal girl clothes." So my confidence was slightly knocked.

I did, however, promise an outfit post yesterday, so here goes, my Outfit of the Day...

PJ's - damn straight.

I woke up this morning and promptly realised I am dying of flu. I'm all achey and phlegmy and basically disgusting. I asked to rain-check with the boy, who took it upon himself to come round and check on me, because he's lovely like that. He was even polite enough to try and pretend I still looked nice, despite my hugely red nose and the fact that I look like small animals have burrowed in my hair. And I was wearing bed socks...

Also, a horrible incident involving the death of a friend's pet occurred, and as my friends and I were all too useless to deal with it, the boy offered to go and bury it. 

So, in short, I've spent the day in bed, hacking up a lung, and the boy had to go and dispose of a dead rabbit in a field for me. So much for acting nice and normal.

If he asks me out again, it will be a proper bloody Christmas miracle.

Hope your days were slightly more successful!



  1. Hope you feel better soon! Love your jumper by the way xx

  2. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous!

    Would love it if you visit my blog when you have time ;)

  3. Hi sweety, I like your writing style. Hope that you feel better! Take care

  4. Aww so sorry to hear that you're sick but sounds like you've got a really decent guy there!

    P.s that jumper is gorgeous! Where'd you get it?

  5. Thank you all for your kind wishes! And Hazel, I LOVE that jumper. My Ma gave it to me for Christmas last year, it's from Quba & Co.


  6. Thank you! Your mum has great taste! :)


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Mona x

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