Saturday, 26 November 2011

I have three brothers who are all avid gamers. To counteract the loneliness while they stay locked up in their gaming room, slaying Nazi Zombies, I took up knitting and found it seriously addictive. It's so satisfying wearing things that you've made (although seriously frustrating to unravel your jumper for the umpteenth time because you realise you dropped a stitch twenty rows ago).

A while ago I bought Sarah Hatton's pattern book 10 Simple, Cosy Projects (buy her books here). This book is brilliant for beginners as the instructions are in longhand (you can learn all the stitches on youtube). Here are some pictures (sorry, only photobooth) of some things I have knitted recently.

Sarah Hatton's Nuzzle Hat

Sarah Hatton's Nuzzle Hat again - This time I added stripes and a pom pom . If I had my way, everything I knitted would be covered in pom poms, but my flatmates prevent me from too many additions, and stop me looking too ridiculous.

Sarah Hatton's Nestle Headband - As it turns out, cable knitting is actually quite simple! This has come in super-handy in keeping my ears warm, and keeping my ridiculous wonky fringe in check.

The coup de grace! Sarah Hatton's His & Hers Sweater. This jumper took me ages and the wool cost me about £60 but it was definitely worth it - it's so warm and has become my go-to comfy outfit, worn with burgundy jeans or black leggings.

I'm also currently working on two more things...

A really long cream soft - the wool is really soft and only £2.50 a ball. When finished it will about 3 metres long and covered in tassels. But not pom poms. Because they're "not allowed".

Sarah Hatton's Classic Cosy Sweater. I cannot tell you how long I have been working on it. I've almost finished the first part now, and will hopefully be done for Christmas. I've edited the pattern quite a lot to make it longer, and round-neck instead of turtle neck. If it works, I'll write up the instructions, if anyone's interested.

That's all for now... I'm getting quite the collection of slightly amateurish-looking knitwear. Yay! 

Do any of you knit? If so, I'd love recommendations for patterns...



  1. aw these are great! I love the headband! x

  2. Thank you Kath! I'd really recommend the pattern book, it was actually really quick and easy to make! X

  3. I wish I had the patience to knit. You made some cute stuff!

  4. Thank you so much. And thank you for following! X

  5. Wow for a beginner you're quite good! I wish I could knit lol


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